Hospitality/Multi-Dwelling Units

Your competitive edge

Whether it is an individual hotel or a management company representing multiple properties, our clients know they can turn to us for the best advice and products, at the best possible price, whether building a new hotel, or upgrading HSIA (High Speed Internet Access), the phone system or other services in an existing hotel. 

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Automotive Dealership

Your competitive edge

The typical car dealership spends $500 in advertising for every car that is sold. It’s a big investment – but one that can get lost when a potential customer disappears in your phone system. When a customer calls, you need to keep them in the dealership. Our systems help you do that.

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General Business/Manufacturing/Retail

We listen

Business phone systems have changed and today it’s not enough for yours to simply forward calls to an employee or their voice mail. Designed to serve companies with 5 to 600 employees, our systems are easy to maintain and can be easily upgraded over time as your budget allows, plus offer a wide array of desirable options.

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Best of Breed systems that fit your business, your budget, your objectives

In this market, tailored voice and data solutions will give you a distinct competitive edge. But they have to be cost effective. As your voice and data solutions partner, Clearview Networks will help you make the right decision when it’s time to install a new phone system or data network, or upgrade the systems you have.

We know your industry. We’re experts in ours. We partner with the best vendors. With that combined knowledge and talent, we design customized voice, data, and Internet solutions that give you a distinct competitive edge, without incurring unnecessary costs. In fact, we’ll strive to help you save money. As your voice and data partners, we’ll help you select the products and services that best suit, and support, your business.

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